Coupon Books

Coupons Books

A coupon book is available.  This book contains 13 coupons. The value is over $50.00. You purchase the book for $3.00 and sell it for $10.00. The books easily pay for themselves by just using 2 of the coupons. 2 coupons with Free pitcher of soda ($10 value alone). We have $ off pizza, we have Free pitchers of soda with purchase of pizza, we have free salad with purchase of pizza, we have $ off sandwiches, a free drink with purchase of sandwich, and the best coupon 10% off entire order.  Someone just had a party for there sons team and extended families “as a get to know you party”  they all pitched in money to make one  purchase.  The purchase was about $150.00, we had wings, bread, pizza, salad, sodas, etc… If I had that coupon I would have saved $15.00 (more than I paid for the book).  This is just an example.  We also give you a 15 day invoice so it is no out of pocket to you right away.  We give you a chance to sell and collect most of books before your invoice becomes due.   If you have 100 kids in the school/ league and each kid sold 5 books you would clear $3,500.00. (Some kids sell more)  These coupon books are accepted at 7 pizza companies: Hacienda Heights, Duarte, Monrovia, Sierra Madre, East L.A., Chino Hills & La Verne.  

Please contact Leandra Gomez to get started today at (626) 242-3729

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